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We can provide a wide range of courses and mandatory training, based on your professional development requirements and facilitate an excellent learning experience to benefit your business. If you didn't find the training you need already, please contact us for a bespoke solution.

The courses we provide assist with meeting Care Certificate Standards and in meeting with our national regulatory bodies training requirements.

Our training resources, presentations and work books are most up to date and compliant with the latest HSE, CQC and Resuscitation Council UK guidelines.

 New Courses available from January 2017

 Assessment of the deteriorating patient in the community

Our new course is teaching, refreshing and improving the clinical assessment skills, communication and decision taking. It will help the delegate to develop a systematic and clinical approach in assessing the deteriorating patient in the community. It covers complex aspects of care, from the initial basic assessment, clinical intervention, calling the emergency services and handing over. The delegates will learn and practice ABCDE assessment, NEWS, SBAR.The course will cover anatomy, physiology, theory and practice, case study and simulation.

 Online Mandatory Training

Great packages and discounted prices for our online mandatory training, e-learning accredited courses and classroom practical training.

Blended learning, 1 day mandatory training to benefit the agency staff but not only.

It covers all the mandatory training in line with the HSE regulation.


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